Talking in code

4 June 2010
Every week I get numerous emails with articles about IT security. Preventing sensitive information from leaking out is a worry both for companies and individuals. Firewalls, passwords, preventing human error (carrying confidential data with you then leaving it on the train – that sort of thing): these are all things that need to be addressed. But now it seems there’s something else to worry about… whether your office has been bugged. No matter, help is at hand. Writing in this week’s Shortlist magazine, Phil Stevens, who owns surveillance equipment company Eyetek, offers some advice. First, has info leaked that couldn’t have come out any other way? (Which I would have thought is pretty unlikely unless you’re in the office alone speaking aloud – plausible if you’re making late-night calls I guess.) Next look for alterations to the room, “such as bulges in the carpet or wallpaper, or new additions to the room, such as air-fresheners and ornaments”. The advice goes on. I write about this partly in jest, but I suppose it’s naive to assume this sort of thing doesn’t actually happen. Industrial espionage, after all, is nothing new. And besides, now that anyone can buy a spy watch for less than 70 quid that records video and takes pictures, it could be on the increase. Perhaps I’ll take up talking in code. Oscar alfa oscar.
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