Why the small print matters

3 June 2010
Today’s law analysis article on lease hire agreements could probably be summed up in four words (although that’s not to say it isn’t worth reading for some practical tips!) – read the small print. But it doesn’t seem to matter how obvious this may seem, it is so often forgotten in the heat of the moment. Think about the contracts and deals you have signed off recently. Could you honestly say you checked them line-by line – and that you really understood all the terms and conditions placed on your firm? The reality for most firms is… no. It might take too long and, besides, that’s what you employ in-house and external lawyers to do. But for those firms too small (or too poor) to rely on them, the burden rests on the buyer. As our recent article on the “battle of the forms” demonstrates, a little legal knowledge can avoid a costly disaster for your company. Taking the time to read the small print could be more valuable than you think.
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