The decisions we make

11 March 2010
How often do you rely on your gut instinct during the day? It’s probably more often than you think. What is it that makes you pick up one tuna and mayonnaise sandwich rather than another? If the length of the queue is the same, what makes you pick one checkout over the one next to it? Perhaps these choices that draw on the subconscious are more widespread than you initially think, which raises the question – how are they affecting your decision-making at work? Have you ever made a decision on a choice of supplier because “it just felt right”? Or have you ever made a selection and thought: “I have a bad feeling about this”? Buyers are meant to be their firms’ guardians of the impartial verdict, but we can never truly divorce ourselves from our gut. What are your tips on being able to demonstrate impartiality in decision-making?
£39,511 + substantial pension and benefits
Ministry of Defence: Defence Infrastructure Organisation
Gateshead, Tyne and Wear
£30,755 - £59,459
Homes England
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