Twittering idiots?

2 March 2010
We’ve all been there: sat in the dullest meeting, concentration long since disappeared. Maybe you’ll be driven to texting your colleague across the room expressing your desire to be elsewhere. Councillors in Cornwall, however, decided to go much more public with their boredom. During a meeting they used Twitter to tell the world how they felt, along the lines of “high level of accidental sexual innuendo in the council today”, “naughty boy” and “she said phones must be switched off (I love that we’re completely ignoring that instruction)”. As amusing as this is, it hardly paints a good picture of councillors. It’s one thing to make faces at your mate across the meeting room; another to post your contempt for the meeting you are in on a social networking site. CIPS president Shirley Cooper says on page 36 that buyers need to look and act professionally at all times: a tip that obviously bears repeating in a number of sectors. Another reason to be wary of Twitter: Dutch website developers have created a site called PleaseRobMe, which picks up on posts from people who make their physical whereabouts public, therefore advertising when their home is empty. The developers say they set it up to make a point about online security. Time to scrutinise your own web security measures?
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