Now that’s what I call maverick spend

14 May 2010
The procurement profession has long been on the lookout for a high-profile figure to represent it on the world stage, often without success. But I think I might have found just the individual.War Machine Step forward Lieutenant-Colonel James “Rhodey” Rhodes, aka comic book superhero War Machine (pictured). At first glance it might not look an obvious fit, but he has the necessary credentials. In recent movie Iron Man 2 Rhodes is invited to a US senate committee hearing as the US Air Force adviser on defence procurement. In fact, a lot of the story is underpinned by the competition for US defence contracts (perhaps I am reading too much into this…). Without wishing to give too much of the plot away, Rhodes indulges in some maverick procurement of his own, allowing him to team up with his best mate Iron Man. Admittedly, we don’t see him try to convince internal stakeholders of his worth, attempt to corroborate inconsistent purchase orders and invoices or whip out his Kraljic matrix at a time of desperation – but at least it’s a start. And I dare say that the minigun attached to his shoulder might give him the slight advantage during supplier negotiations.
£39,511 + substantial pension and benefits
Ministry of Defence: Defence Infrastructure Organisation
Gateshead, Tyne and Wear
£30,755 - £59,459
Homes England
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