The perfect last day

10 September 2010
Farewell readers, because sadly today is my last working for Supply Management before I start a new job. It’s been a fantastic final week, especially with the glitzy CIPS SM Awards on Wednesday night. This was a great occasion to end with and I think everyone looked glamorous (you can see a whole bunch of photos from the night on the SM Flickr page). But I will be disappointed to miss the next big event, the CIPS Conference taking place in London on 23 September. Friends have said to me: “You’re not going to actually do work on your last day are you?” Of course I am- we are a very dedicated bunch that work on SM - but it did get me thinking about how my perfect last day would be. I did imagine grabbing a couple of wine bottles from the company’s fridge and abseiling out of the window after an impromptu farewell speech, inspired by the JetBlue flight attendant and “American hero” Steven Slater - but I don’t think getting arrested on my last day would be such a great idea. You can find an amusing run-down of a great last day if you click here. I almost totally agree with this apart from when “the marketing and PR department turn up en masse for lunch in the pub, thanks to the unusually good weather. They decide to strip off and have an impromptu beach volleyball competition and everybody wins really.” What about the procurement department? What would your fantasy last day at work be like? P.S. If you are also moving jobs in the near future, let us know. You can email us at
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