Work to the wise

22 September 2010
This week is work-wise week’ in the UK. Here’s the line up: Monday was ‘smarter travel day’. This isn’t about wearing your best suit for the commute, but about changing the time at which you start your journey, or travelling by public transport instead of by car to reduce the peak rush hour, and make the commuting experience more bearable for many. Yesterday was ‘mobile working day’, encouraging people to work while on the move. Today is ‘virtual meeting day’, to promote audio, online or video conferencing meetings. Tomorrow is ‘remote office day’, which is about using hot desks, remote offices or even coffee shops to conduct work, and Friday is ‘national work-from-home day’, which is self-explanatory. It’s the fifth year work-wise week has been run and CEO of Work Wise UK, Phil Flaxton believes smarting working is more relevant than ever: “With the recession biting hard, businesses have to find ways of reducing costs while maintaining productivity, and smarter working practices are an integral part of the solution.” Not so much in honour of ‘remote office day’ but more by happy coincidence, the SM team will be working remotely tomorrow – based at Kings Place at Kings Cross for the 2010 CIPS Conference.  We will be tweeting, blogging, and filing news (and of course sending our daily newsletter) from the event. It’s not too late to register to attend, but if you can’t make it sign up to receive the newsletter. What’s your working week been like? No two days the same? Have you made a special effort to travel smarter or have a virtual meeting?
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