An excuse for procurement to squeeze

18 August 2011
Managers might need to brace themselves tomorrow, as it has been selected as national ‘hug your boss’ day. This is the day’s third anniversary, in case it passed you by in previous years, and the “goal” is to drum up a bit of publicity for a particular jobs website, I mean, of course, it’s to promote positive workplace relationships. The accompanying survey claims “only” 37 per cent of staff would be happy to hug their boss in the office – to be honest, I’m surprised it is even that high. This rises to 42 per cent who would be willing to outside the office, perhaps indicating some unrequited office romances. A bottle of champagne is even being offered for a picture of the most ‘genuine’ hug between boss and employee. Spot the glint of craziness in the eyes of some of those who have already submitted their entries. Putting cynicism aside for a moment, the site does have some practical advice for both bosses and employees. There is a 10-question test for staff to measure their relationship. 1. Does your boss trust you? 2. Do you trust your boss? 3. Do you share personal stories and weekend activities? 4. Do you work well with your boss? Are you productive? 5. Do you know where you stand with your boss? 6. Do you work towards the same goals? 7. Do you socialise together? 8. Can you speak to your boss openly about problems you have at work? 9. Can you tell your boss a joke or funny story? 10. Do you feel like you are both on the same side? And there is guidance on motivation, acceptable behaviour and staff retention for managers, and tips on how to get along together, impress and even how to make your boss laugh. If an embrace is a step too far for you, perhaps best to start with these.
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