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27 June 2011 – Recruiting And Scholarship Secrets! om/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Alison-Smith-blog-150x150.jpg" alt="Alison Smith, senior purchasing consultant at Future Purchasing and life-coach" width="100" height="100" />For indirect spend, the key to achieving added value is obtaining buy-in from internal stakeholders. I’m sure there are many different ways of doing this effectively. I thought I would share one method I’ve used in the past that involves offering a day workshop on the procurement process. Nothing new there, you may think. But making a few assumptions about these stakeholders can generate a more creative response from the workshop:
  • They’re not going to get excited about procurement.
  • Certainly not in one day.
  • Definitely not if we start discussing the Kraljic or Porter matrix.
  • They don’t appreciate what value the application of best practice procurement can add.
  • They all have, or know someone who has, a garden.
This is why I use gardening as a metaphor and invite them to consider all aspects of the procurement process as they design their own garden. How many people do you know who have a garden and ignore it? Even if at some stage they will mow the lawn and remove the weeds, our stakeholders leave many suppliers to grow without any assistance. So whether they flourish or wither isn’t something they have had any input into. Once stakeholders have designed their ‘garden’, they get the chance to plot where some of their key suppliers go and identify an action plan for their development. Insights have included:
  • More clarity about what type of garden they want.
  • Getting the gardener more involved.
  • Ensuring the tools in the shed are well maintained.
  • Pulling up some weeds, while feeding and watering other plants.
  • Using the greenhouse to nurture plants when they first arrive.
How are you engaging your stakeholders to ensure they understand the benefit your assistance can deliver? And is it working?
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