Don’t look back in anger

24 March 2011
Alison Smith, procurement professional and life coach and Supply Management guest blogger“The past is for reference, not residence.” Kriss Akabusi used this statement during his after dinner presentation at the CIPS Annual Dinner last week. It was even more appropriate because of a conversation I had with someone earlier in the evening, which made me realise how often we take residence in the past not only for ourselves, but with and about others too. The conversation included the other person who I'd worked with six years ago saying they still remembered the session I'd run for a client at the time as being really bad. I know I learned a lot from that session. Not least the importance of understanding the client’s culture and getting buy in from those involved when trying to do something different. I would suggest I've referenced the past, taken that learning and grown in what I do as a result. What I found surprising was the other person was still in residence in the past, and judging me based on that. This made me wonder how many people I'm doing the same to? Of course reference the past, but let's not take residence there. And I wonder what new opportunities and changes this might facilitate in the future?
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