Office life

4 March 2011
A lot of funny things happen in offices – and work more generally. If it was a reality TV show you would see the politics, the relationships, the moments of tension as well as the social side of work. Having any group of people in one place with a mixture of personality types, backgrounds, knowledge and skills is bound to generate conflict and laughs – and we’re hoping you will share some of your experiences with us. What are the best excuses you’ve heard for someone arriving late to the office? What’s the most insensitive email you’ve ever received, or the most ridiculous piece of management speak you’ve ever heard? The recruitment process too is a rich vein of amusing anecdotes – whichever side of it you’re on. People often lie, or write shockers in their CV as a means of grabbing your attention, and equally, recruiters sometimes ask peculiar questions: “what type of cheese best describes you?” and so on. One of my most amusing memories of the hiring process was meeting a candidate who arrived in combats and began talking about reporting from the trenches who seemed less than sober. (Reporting from trenches is not a requirement of any position I’ve hired for). And at my first job at least one person regularly slept at the office and used the toilets as a sort of linen closet to wash and air his dirty socks until he was finally caught and asked to desist. We’d like your anecdotes (and yes they can be anonymous) for our new careers page, so drop us a line and share your stories.
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