Are you a sandwich hypocrite?

26 May 2011
It’s very easy to commit some kind of faux pas when you put your shopping in your trolley these days, falling foul of one of the many pressure groups that urge us to buy British/Fairtrade/organic (take your pick) products. But according to a new survey by the RSPCA while half of us read the label on our meat in the supermarket to see how our food has ended up on the shelf, just one in 10 do the same check on the sandwiches we buy for our lunch. Unsurprisingly price was the main concern of 60 per cent of shoppers, with animal welfare coming bottom of the list. The animal charity launched a “fairer fillings” campaign during national sandwich week last week and has published advice on where to buy “Freedom Food” approved sarnies, what to look out for and why consumers should favour them. The cynical among you might argue if a pig’s final resting place is in the middle of a BLT between two slices of Mighty White, its welfare is a minor concern. But the RSPCA claimed on Valentine’s Day that two-thirds of single women and half of single men in the UK believe ethical principles are more important than looks when choosing a partner. Perhaps it is more important than I first thought.
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