Unlucky for some, but perhaps not for buyers

13 May 2011
Lindsay Clark, international news editor, Supply ManagementI am not superstitious in the slightest, so today’s date of 13 Friday holds no fear for me. The warnings around black cats, magpies and horseshoes are all hokum to me. Avoiding walking under a ladder is the only pragmatic caveat I would add. So I was surprised to learn that the superstition of others does have a practical overspill pertinent to buying. This story reports houses with the number 13 are typically worth £4,000 less than identical, neighbouring properties, because of the perceived misfortune they could bring. This led me to think perhaps there are bargains for buyers in the dark recesses of the superstitious mind. How about travel buyers booking employees in seat 13 for train or plane journeys? Hotel rooms with the number 13 are bound to be cheaper. Broken mirrors might be cheap too, but as they are broken, so that sort of defeats the purpose. I have heard it is bad luck to receive a gift from a supplier on a Thursday, but what would I know? I’m not superstitious.
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