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8 November 2011
It’s hard to get people excited about governance. It grabs your attention when it goes wrong, but for the rest of the time, most of us assume it’s working just fine. But if your governance isn’t actively supporting your organisation’s objectives then you could be missing out 
on a key enabler – 
and that’s why the current CIPS modernisation project is so important. Our governance structure and processes have served us well
since 1992, but the world, the economies in which we operate and the needs of our members have changed significantly. Over the past 20 years, CIPS membership has more than trebled and our influence with government, business and the media has increased. If we want to sustain this success, our governance structure must enable CIPS to keep pace with this rapidly changing world. At the same time, 
we must remain anchored to our core values and mission to
be the experts 
in global supply 
chain management. We are proposing a new structure that will put governance more in touch with the views and needs of our members. In the new Congress, we will have a global forum for representing and discussing our members’ views and interests. In an effective two-way process, Congress will feed members’ views into the strategic planning process and will be able to feed back good-quality information to members’ constituencies. The new and smaller Board of Trustees will carry the legal liability for governance and will be linked to Congress through an elected chairperson, whose 
role will be to ensure 
the board takes 
account of the issues that matter to our members and other key stakeholders. If you are an MCIPS 
or FCIPS member, 
you should by now 
have received the 
EGM notice and information on how to register your vote for the new governance proposal. The draft amendments to the charter and by-laws 
and details of what these will mean in practice, can be found at I have seen how much work and careful thought has gone into these proposals over 
the past months and 
I firmly believe that 
by voting in favour at the EGM on 
30 November this year, we will ensure CIPS is able to be a leader among professional business institutes and will be strongly placed to fulfill its goals. For more information on how to vote, click here.
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