Bills + worries = money meltdown

26 September 2011
If you are feeling a bit worried today about the state of your finances, then you are not the only one (and I’m not just thinking of George Osborne). Professor Geoff Beattie from the University of Manchester (formerly the psychologist on Big Brother) claims to have calculated a formula that works out when people feel most anxious about their finances. And guess what? It is this week. The equation takes into account the fact that bills from the summer holidays and sending children back to school are starting to come in, together with turning the heating on at home, using the car more and preparation for Christmas, which all add to money misery over the next few months. With the economy in a precarious position, businesses too will be struggling with many similar financial problems. Can purchasing skills help mitigate any of these concerns?
£39,511 + substantial pension and benefits
Ministry of Defence: Defence Infrastructure Organisation
Gateshead, Tyne and Wear
£30,755 - £59,459
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