Using some religion

13 September 2011
I seem to have all the gods under my roof and I have only just realised it. Guru Nanak is plastered on a bedroom wall, Mary is on the upstairs hallway shelf, Buddha is on the window sill of another room, Allah’s teachings appear in bedroom three and a Hindu god is also lurking in the house. I have not gone mad or decided to go Roman and honour all the gods in fear of angering them. I just happen to have a Buddhist, Catholic, Sikh, Muslim and Hindu in my house. A former work colleague of mine used to say aloud the names Jesus, Allah and Buddha before he clinched a big sales deal. Now, I don’t know what Jesus, Allah or Buddha would say about the benefits of purchasing power, but I think we could all take something useful away from such a chat. To be good at procurement you need to have some faith, a little devotion and an inner strength to draw on when you feel depleted. A little quiet contemplation of the tasks and motivations of the modern purchasing guru would most definitely place one on a surer footing. Love thy neighbour as thyself is Jesus’ mantra and what better way to view stakeholder engagement? SRM could receive a boost and result in blessings down the supply chain if a level of dedication and care were shown to it akin to a Buddhist monk who dare not tread on an ant lest it harm the natural world. Otherwise, when all the questions in your head remain unanswered... what is going to get you up and going again?  
Portsmouth / Bristol - Nationwide Travel
£40,000 - £45,000 per year
£39,511 + substantial pension and benefits
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