The ugly cost of the beautiful game

28 August 2012
The financial side of football, much like the action on the pitch, is very much a game of two halves. Those on the field are taking home the kind of sums each week that would serve the man in the crowd for a full year and there’s no sign that that will change. But for those in the stands, the costs keep going up. Research from Virgin Money has found the average cost per match for a football fan has increased from £77.95 in 2006 to £112.87 at the start of this season. The company calculates the rate of inflation for fans is currently at 11 per cent. This study also priced a basket of items that fans fork out for each time they go to see their beloved team. These included a pint of lager at £3.07, a bacon roll for £2.15, a rail fare at £13.43 for a 50 mile journey (though it doesn’t say whether this would be a Virgin Trains service) and a match day programme at an average cost of £3. Living the life of a dedicated and loyal football fan doesn’t come cheap. But is there something that could be done to shave a few quid off? As a fan, you have a fixture list outlining your itinerary for the year and a number of fellow fans with whom to team up with and leverage your buying power. Do you have any ideas to help the Plymouth Argyle or Accrington Stanley fanatics to go home and away more efficiently?
Portsmouth / Bristol - Nationwide Travel
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