How a buyer wraps up the year

20 December 2012
Andrew Swift, IT senior procurement manager, BSkyBI get stumped every year when it comes to Christmas. My wife always says “let’s not buy Christmas presents this year”, and of course I know what that really means… ...I’m likely to get some monkey nuts and a bottle of fancy beer where as my wife expects something really thoughtful. Hopefully it won’t be like the year my wife asked for something with diamonds on it. It was Christmas Eve and I hadn’t got her anything yet, so like a lot of blokes, on the way home from work I stopped at a garage and picked up a pack of playing cards. At least it had diamonds on it. It’s those last minute purchases that always go wrong. In the past I’ve brought her earrings, then found out she hasn’t got her ears pierced, I’ve brought her clothes that were too small or too big. Buying at the last minute is never a good idea. I used to be the head of sourcing for a concierge company so I guess I have learned how to put a little of my work experience into my last minute present buying. Guess what? Even when its last minute, it’s all about understanding the requirements and most of all listening to her needs and wants throughout the year. I want to please my stakeholder with my deliverables. This year I hope I have listened carefully, she has often commented on wanting to go to the theatre. So again I am faced with a last minute decision, but this time I gave it more thought and I have purchased some theatre vouchers (from the train station on the way home from work). As an added surprise I have put them in the biggest box I could find, as it will be funny to watch her open the box and find a small envelope in it. As I don’t have any more shopping days I have also wrapped up a freebie memory stick I got at a networking event – it does have nice Swarovski crystals on it. It’s the thought that counts! As for my kids, to ensure we meet our budget constraints we have utilised Freecycle. Why pay good money when people throw toys away? My eight year old has never watched Star Wars but I’m sure she will have great fun with the Millennium Falcon and Luke Skywalker! ☛ Andrew Swift is IT senior procurement manager at BSkyB
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