The lie of the land

19 December 2012
One-in-five jobseekers lie on their CV, according to a survey by recruitment website staffbay. Out of 25,000 people who were asked: “Do you think it’s wrong to lie on your CV?”, 20 per cent said they were prepared to make an exception if they thought it would impress a potential boss. Tony Wilmot, co-founder of staffbay, said: “With as many as 80 people chasing the same job it’s hardly surprising that some jobseekers are prepared to bend the rules a little to enter the world of work.” Following a discussion with one of my work colleagues we both decided this stat seems pretty low. You may remember that in 2008, Apprentice contestant Lee McQueen was caught red-handed in the interview panel for pretending to have spent two years at university when he only stayed there four months. Despite going on to win the show, McQueen received a barrage of criticism from employers and the general public for his outrageous fib. But the fact he was prepared to lie (and basically get away with it, as he was given the job anyway) on such a high-profile TV show makes you wonder what people can gloss over within a private interview room. On top of this, a few of my friends who have recently started work claimed that their new employees didn’t even check references. So we want to know, have you ever lied on your CV or have you interviewed someone who has? ☛ You can upload your own CV as well as find advice on some dos and don'ts on what to include on the Supply Management Jobs website
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