Let's hear it for 'Truly good Tuesdays'

17 January 2012
Every so often the media gets excited (not unusual I know, but be patient) about a day of the week that has been branded ‘bad’. Following hot on the heels of Friday 13th, yesterday was ‘Blue Monday’. The third Monday of January is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year: a time when the credit card bills hit people’s doormats after a Christmas season of fun and excess – with payday still at least a week away - and when the month continues its chilly attack. In response to this doom and gloom, I think it’s time to recognise ‘Truly good Tuesdays’ and ‘Wildly wonderful Wednesdays’. Yes, they do exist. Procurement people should know as much as anyone the need to highlight the pros as well as the cons on a day-to-day basis. Every potential risk, whether it be from a certain supplier or a particular product, should be assessed and weighed up. There are always risks, whether they be currency risks, climatic disasters, container ship price rises or financial stability risks linked with dealing with certain suppliers, but as long as they are known by buyers and preparations are made in good time to handle them, these can result in a Marvellous Monday for the purchasing team involved. Purchasers should be shouting about the good days they have and sharing the success stories of their teams with customers and the rest of the organisation.
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