Sorry… I got distracted

27 January 2012
Rebecca Ellinor, managing editor, Supply ManagementI’ve had two reminders this week about the nature of distractions. The first was The Thick of It and Mock the Week comic Chris Addison revealing how he installed a software programme to prevent him from using Twitter while he was writing material for his most recent stand-up routine.

In the interview he says: “I had to buy this programme called Anti-Social which stops your computer being able to access Facebook, Twitter or any kind of social networking, it’s life-savingly brilliant for a writer.”

The second, quite different example was as I proofed next issue’s Students page in which Brodie Smithers explains how to avoid distractions. He says while it’s tempting when studying to try to apply your learning to your professional life, you need to discipline yourself to keep focused. Check out his tips in the next issue. But, we shouldn’t feel bad about getting sidetracked. As this article (which also contains some useful advice) explains, the brain’s wiring lends itself to being distracted. It also says scheduling distractions as a reward for productivity can motivate your mind to stay focused. And with that, you might want to ‘waste’ a few more minutes reading these tips too. Sorry for sidetracking you, I’m off to make a coffee.
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