What motivates you?

5 January 2012
Alison Smith, senior purchasing consultant at Future Purchasing and life-coachI’d hazard a guess that your answer could be loosely classified as either being: achievement, affiliation or power-orientated. As many of you who read my blogs here on Supply Management will be able to surmise, I’m motivated more by affiliation than achievement. That is more influenced by harmony, understanding others, team work and rapport than success, goal setting, results and effectiveness. At a recent workshop I facilitated, someone commented that I spoke as if affiliation is better than achievement. I’d like to hope I explained that it’s understanding our own and others’ preferences to explain our behaviours, including the language we use, that helps us avoid such misunderstandings escalating. It’s not so much that affiliation is better than achievement, it just feels like it to me. In the same way as someone who is achievement orientated will believe that is infinitely more appropriate than affiliation. In an environment that is more achievement-focused, being affiliation-driven has its challenges. But there are positives. In a room full of those aiming for success, it’s as easy for them to forget about the affiliation side of achieving the goals as it is for me to forget about the goals. So long as we - alongside our power-hungry colleagues (sorry, that’s my affiliation bias coming out) - work together then surely we’ll ensure all critical success factors are considered? When you consider the teams you work in, do you have every area covered? Does someone stand up and represent affiliation, achievement and power? If so, you’re certainly more likely to make more of an impact, successfully lead change and achieve those goals with a willing and enthusiastic team.
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