Will you help me buy toilet roll?

10 January 2012
As those of you who follow the blog know, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills has launched a community buying competition. The aim is to prompt local groups to collaborate and develop group-purchasing arrangements so that like businesses, they can reap the benefits of those good old economies of scale. Well I think it’s a great idea, if Nissan and Renault can buy car components together, why can't Mavis from round the corner and I club together and buy our groceries in the same way? OK, they might be two of the world’s biggest car manufacturers, while Mavis is a bridge playing OAP and I am a procurement reporter, but the principles the same - the buying power of two is better than one. But I think I’ll need some help. While I might write about procurement every day, I generally only come across procurement projects that fall into one of two categories. Those that worked really well and those that didn't. I've never had an initiative of my own and helped it grow. But I'd quite like to. So here is my idea. Adam's toilet roll buying group This idea draws its inspiration from the fact that of those surveyed, 100 per cent of people in my village of around 500 people use toilet roll on a daily basis. Despite living just metres away from another toilet roll user, almost all people purchase their toilet rolls independently, denying us the benefits of economies of scale. This is just plain wrong. Even once you take account of user preferences - some like a bit of Aloe Vera, others don't - there must still be space for a mutually beneficial buying mechanism to be established. As you might have garnered from the summary of the idea it’s still very much in the early days, but I’m very keen on developing it and would greatly appreciate the help of SM readers. So please leave your tips, ideas and potential stumbling blocks below so I can get cracking and save my village some money. Equally if you have any ideas of your own (a framework agreement with a local taxi firm, a village wide mobile phone contract) please feel free to share them. Stay tuned for updates…
Chelmsford or Cambridge
£33,797 - £39,152 p.a
Anglia Ruskin University
South Sinai (EG)
$100,660, 2 year contract, tax free salary, housing, meals, medical, relocation,
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