Make-up to make progress

3 October 2012
Have you ever wondered why you didn’t get that job you went for? It could all be down to a beauty malfunction. A recent survey has suggested that your beauty regime can make or break your chances at an interview. Topping the list for the worst beauty blunder is chipped nails, which gives the impression of being nervous and unprepared. The next gaffe is split ends. Translation? Lazy. Smudged mascara means you’re a party animal, while red lipstick and heavily pencilled brows means you must be power crazy. Fake tan is another no-no, implying you love a holiday a bit too much. And a visible line of foundation suggests a lack of attention to detail. And don’t even entertain the idea of going for the ‘bare-faced’ look, as no mascara hints you’re an ‘emotional wreck’. We ladies just can’t win. Even an immaculately made-up face will backfire as it’s taken that you mean business and therefore won’t stop until you’ve stolen your boss’ job. While this seems slightly exaggerated, it begs the question, how far should one take the ‘dress to impress’ philosophy when attending a job interview? A friend of mine recently found out wearing a cardigan to an interview put her on a bad footing from the start. Is this just an issue for women, or do any men suffer the same agonising decisions when getting ready for an interview? ☛ Looking for your next career move? Find your perfect position with Supply Management Jobs - vacancies in the UK and internationally at all levels of seniority.
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