Squash racket

31 October 2012
Happy Halloween! If a pumpkin is going to feature in your festivities tonight, spare a thought for its source of supply. UK pumpkin suppliers faced a difficult growing season this year due to adverse weather, with farmers in Kent and Sussex reporting that they struggled to grow enough of the squash to supply shops. However, the poor weather didn’t get the better of everyone. Children in Hull have grown a mega 15-stone pumpkin while supermarkets have been preparing for record numbers of sales this year. Tesco has almost two million pumpkins on sale across its stores, as demand has grown by 60 per cent over the past six years. In other pumpkin-related news, there are reports that the recession has seen fewer people leaving carved lanterns on the doorstep, fearing they might be stolen. And over in the US - where Halloween is a more popular ‘holiday’ - data has been released by the US Department of Agricultureshowing that Americans spent $113 million (£70 million) on pumpkins in 2011. The majority of these are processed into canned pumpkin pie mix. However, there is a new trend emerging - homemade pumpkin beer is sweeping the US. So if you’re wondering what to do with your leftover squash come tomorrow, perhaps this is a new recipe to try.
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