The bacon sandwich conundrum

25 September 2012
Before he decided to try and change the world through food (and disappoint a lot of kids by taking away their treats), Jamie Oliver was my favourite chef. Partly it was the fact that he whizzed around on a scooter and partly that he showed even as an adult, you can still slide down the banister rail. Mostly though, it was because he knew how to make a killer bacon sandwich. The logic was pretty simple - big bits of toasted bread, lots of quality bacon, lashings of ketchup and the little twist, a glug of olive oil over the toast. But sadly this breakfast delight is set to become more expensive, with both bacon and olive oil expected to rise in price over the year. As The Guardian reported yesterday, olive oil prices have increased by 62 per cent over the past three months due to droughts in Spain and consumers will feel the impact soon to the tune of a 25 per cent rise. Meanwhile, droughts in the US and Russia have resulted in animal feed prices spiralling out of control. As a result, UK pig farmers are looking to cull their herds as they can no longer afford to feed so many of their greedy swine. A fall in the supply of pig meat, with continued high demand, will mean higher prices for bacon, too. So the weather across the world is conspiring to bankrupt me through my love of a bacon sandwich. But I’m not willing to take this lying down. So what would you advise? Should I just absorb the extra costs in order to retain the same quality? Should I go for lower quality ingredients, but keep the manufacturing process the same? Or perhaps I should abandon the bacon for a bowl of porridge oats? Share your thoughts below.
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