“Hello, this is the Pope calling”

26 March 2013
The Pope is really doing his bit to show that despite becoming God’s representative on earth, he is still very much an everyman. Yesterday, it was reported that a newsagent in Buenos Aires was stunned when Pope Francis, Jorge Mario Bergoglio to his friends, rang to cancel his newspaper order (because he was taking up new quarters in the Vatican). Unsurprisingly, newsagent Luis Del Regno thought it was a hoax, but the Pope insisted it was him: "Seriously, it's Jorge Bergoglio, I'm calling you from Rome," he is reported to have said. Cancelling newspaper orders is not the only mundane activity the holy one has taken upon himself. He also insists on settling his own hotel bills and prefers public transport to chauffeur-driven cars. That he does not believe he is beneath cancelling his own newspapers is of course a good thing, but, I just can’t help but feel that there are more pressing matters for him to attend to. Much like a CEO, or a CPO, the Pope has risen above his peers to take the top job. With that comes certain perks (such as having assistants to handle your admin and a nice car to ferry you about), but to balance that out, is the full weight and responsibility of having an estimated 1.2 billion Catholics looking to you for leadership. So in my eyes, Pope Francis, like CEOs and CPOs, should leave the little tasks to others so he can focus on the big ones.
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