Sign the contract? I’ll just have to ask my mother…

13 March 2013

The UK’s most senior bosses have admitted they are mummy’s boys. According to a survey by the adult learning website Love to Learn, nearly two out of three men who worked as chief executives, senior civil servants, surgeons and similar high-flying jobs described themselves as such.

Men with a high salary and job status were more likely to turn to their mothers for advice on key life decisions. The results compared to only one in five men in working-class professions such as casual labouring, and two in five men who described themselves as semi-skilled or manual workers.

The survey found men in Northern Ireland were most likely to admit to being close to their mothers (82 per cent) while men in South East England were least likely (33 per cent). The survey classed a ‘mummy’s boy’ as a man who runs every life decision past his mother (62 per cent), takes her side over everyone else’s (39 per cent), still lives with her (38 per cent) and she still does his washing and cooking (37 per cent and 28 per cent respectively).

What I find most worrying about this is how many men in high-powered jobs still live with their mothers. The survey questioned 1,000 men and women, and 41 per cent of females said they would never date a mummy’s boy. So, for all those CPOs and CFOs out there who are self-confessed mummy’s boys, do you think your mother is the reason for your career success? If the answer is yes, perhaps out of gratitude you should find your own place and start doing your own washing.

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