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Paul Snell is managing editor at Supply Management
11 March 2014

13 March 2014 | Paul Snell

Paul SnellAs the situation developing in Ukraine shows, countries and regions that were until recently considered to be ‘safe’ destinations can quickly become high risk for travellers.

As we reported online, PwC’s business travel manager Will Hasler told the Business Travel Show last month: “Every destination is at least low-risk. There is no ‘no risk’ destination.”

Consequently, the advice on the ‘duty of care’ companies have to their employees when travelling, and what to do if disaster strikes is a more than timely reference.

The approach outlined is equally applicable to personal travel, and anyone planning to head to Brazil for the football World Cup this summer or the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016 would be wise to take note, particularly given the social unrest that has affected preparations for these two events.

This issue’s cover feature explains the impact this and a booming economy is having on corporate travel to the country, and what this means for purchasers.

Applying professional principles outside work is the theme of another of this issue’s articles. Nick Drewe’s efforts to source his home extension and loft conversion electronically makes for fascinating reading, as do his points on what the experience taught him.

Drewe decided to take this approach because a traditional email and face-to-face process didn’t yield the result he and his wife wanted. This is another good lesson to take back to the workplace – when things aren’t working, try something new.

Applying one or more of the five methods to boost your creativity should help you rethink any intractable problems you may be facing.

The question of how to keep employees motivated and engaged constantly requires new approaches, and as Sigi Osagie writes, improving capability and performance is critical to any procurement transformation.

Time to put those thinking caps on then.

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