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Visna Lampasi
posted by Visna Lampasi
11 November 2014

Visna LampasiA new trend in Australia to in-source travel management means early adopters are reaping the rewards.

Commonwealth Bank, Australia’s largest bank, and Leighton Group, a major construction and mining services business, are among those to make the change.

The main benefits include improved internal customer service and more control over total travel costs. In the past, travel management has been seen as a non-core activity that is best outsourced. Now, the reduced resource requirement due to self-booking tools, the opportunity to lower overall travel costs with improved direct control and a new infrastructure and support service mean many companies are rethinking.

Jodie Hudson, travel manager at GHD, says an in-sourced travel team can provide a central point to assist with coordination of risk management, employee relocations, conferences and other people-movement activities. She points out that dealing with a colleague, instead of an outside party, can also foster confidence.

Communico Services, part of the TravelEdge Group, is the largest privately owned TMC in Australia. It says some companies are establishing shared services operations to improve a range of internal business services.

They see travel management as an important tactical part in the shared service model, as it touches so many employees and can give shared services initiatives a quick win on internal customer satisfaction and total travel cost.

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