How to make your CV stand out

George Snyder, author of Mapping Your Dimensional CVAre you having trouble getting interviews for that next job opportunity? Do you feel that no one is interested in reading and responding to your CV and cover letter? Then you should seriously consider thoroughly reviewing and rewriting your CV.

Why should a company select your CV, interview you and possibly hire you, when they may have up to 500 candidates or more to choose from? How can you create the necessary wording in your CV in order to help provide a mental picture for the reader, showing your potential capabilities?

You must provide the most comprehensive picture of your capabilities in order to catch the attention of the reader. You must ensure that you have thoroughly reviewed all aspects of your job, your experiences and successes, and include these in your CV. The consequences of not doing this could result in your CV ending in the waste basket.

After rewriting your CV carefully read each statement you have written about your experience and deliverable and then ask yourself, ‘so what?’. If you have made your statements as dynamic and descriptive as you can, then you have a better chance to catch the attention of the reader and have improved your chances of getting a job interview.

For example, instead of ‘deputised as team supervisor’, you could write: ‘deputised as team supervisor for a team of five staff and led the team in successfully completing a £250,000 project in upgrading the company’s sales order entry system. This resulted in an annual company operational savings of £65,000’.

☛ George Snyder is the author of Mapping Your Dimensional CV.

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