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Etihad sets out action on plastics and waste
Etihad and Boeing partner to cut carbon emissions
Around 400 of the 737 MAX aircraft are in storage. © John D. Parker @airtoairphoto/Boeing
Boeing 737 Max production freeze risks 'supply chain fallout'
Ghana plans to relaunch national airline
©AFP/Getty Images
Big picture: short walk ‘starfish’
The starfish facility has been designed for high passenger traffic from layout to practical technological applications. © Getty Images
Beijing opens giant 'starfish' airport
Uber to trial flying taxis in Melbourne
The Volo-Port can stand alone or link to other ports, as well as have a hub for passengers. © Brandlab/Skyports/Volocopter/GRAFT
World's first air taxi port to be built in Singapore
Brexit - the preparation
Travel buyers’ index: the rise of analytics
"Ensure the travel programme reflects the type and age of travellers – for example, young travellers like the option of Ubers," said Christian Spieker ©Getty Images
How to keep business travellers happy
AS2 Supersonic business jet scheduled for its first flight in 2023 © Aerion Supersonic
Boeing and Aerion partner on first supersonic business jet