Belt and Road Initiative

China promises to stop building new coal plants abroad
Plans include investments in healthcare © MOHAMMED AL-SHAIKH/AFP via Getty Images
Which four sectors are set to benefit from China's new Silk Road?
The highway bridge was built through a joint venture between China and Russia. © TASS/Getty Images
China-Russia bridge will increase cargo traffic ten-fold
UAE to be a 'shining pearl along the Belt and Road'
Three fifths of Belt and Road contracts go to Chinese firms
Belt and Road Initiative 'needs open procurement'
 “If the negotiations are fruitful, the government is confident the project can continue on an appropriate scale," said Prime Minister Mahathir © NurPhoto/Getty Images
Talks take place on Malaysia's East Coast Rail Link
The UAE and Gulf countries have plans for major expansions of air and sea ports. © Tetra/Getty Images
Gulf and Asia dominate emerging logistics markets
First truck travels from Europe to China in 12 days
Belt and Road investment expected to rise
The platform is for trade through the Jebel Ali free zone, the biggest port in the Middle East ©DP World
Dubai building Belt and Road digital platform
Xi's pledge follows his tour of Africa in which he signed 15 trade deals with Paul Kagame of Rwanda (pictured) ©ZUMA Press/PA Photos
China pledges extra $60bn for Africa