CIPS Annual Conference

How to bring diversity to your supply chain
Procurement teams in top performing companies such as Nike have a high level of strategic business alignment ©Getty Images
Strategic alignment equals procurement success
It's important to protect your organisation against supply chain vulnerability, as Target discovered to its cost ©Getty Images
Never leave a man behind
Cora is just one of RBS's digital friends improving engagement with customers - and suppliers
Procurement innovation in action
Boutique catering for the big firms: SMEs are more than capable of scaling up ©Getty Images
SMEs seek partnerships - not just buyers
SRM is best way to get value beyond savings
JLP's Better Jobs programme was based on the seven themes of the workplace, including the worker's voice. © Leon Neal/Getty Images
How John Lewis has given supplier workers a voice
Vodafone and the 'happy PO' metric
JCB's digital catalogue system drives procurement professionals to use the firm's "preferred suppliers". © JCB
How JCB set up a new indirect procurement function
'Enterprise approach' key to cutting infrastructure costs
Outcry over destroyed stock was 'turning point' for Burberry
Shared outcomes key to successful commercial relationships