Conflict minerals

Cobalt alliance aims to improve mining conditions
Tech giants sued over child deaths in cobalt mines
More than half of the world’s cobalt is sourced from the DRC, of which 20% comes from small or artisanal mines ©Xinhua News Agency/PA Images
Buyers urged to visit cobalt mines to tackle corruption and labour abuses
Still from Google's video tour of electronics supplier Flex's China factory © Google
Google uses VR to show supplier transparency
Tantalum is widely used in electronics because of its low corrosion rate ©DPA/PA Images
Blockchain used to trace tantalum in Rwanda
Third of US firms unable to identify source of conflict minerals
Tesla, whose founder Elon Musk launched his car into space, said there was very little cobalt in its vehicle batteries ©SpaceX
Tesla expands minerals supply chain for Model 3
Apple conducted 756 supplier audits across 30 countries last year ©Apple Inc.
Apple drops 10 smelters from supply chain
Tin has replaced lead in electronic solder ©
Solder & soldiers: the rise of tin
Tin mine will be 'catalyst for development'
Coffee is one of Colombia's biggest exports ©Kaveh Kazemi/Getty Images
In the spotlight: Colombia
A UN report said gold was the conflict mineral most used to finance armed groups and criminal networks © 123RF
Congo announces conflict-free gold supply chain