In 2017, BP Kwinana Refinery in Western Australia “inadvertently” let unleaded petrol with high sulphur levels into its supply chain. © BP p.l.c.
BP Australia will test fuel quality to avoid prosecution
BA intends to buy sustainable fuel from the plant. © Stuart Bailey / British Airways
BA partners with industry on waste-to-jet-fuel plant
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Hubs like the Adriatic port of Rijeka in Croatia will benefit from greater transport links to the rest of Europe ©Corbis/Getty Images
The Three Seas Initiative: unblocking the Eastern Bloc
Digital tool plots most efficient maritime routes
Biggest oil producers facing 'existential threat'
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Singapore's Changi Airport offers a fully automated experience ©Getty Images
Skinny pigs and twisting buildings - a world of innovation...
P&O ships switch from diesel to LNG
Refining NZ said repairs should be completed between 24 and 26 September ©Refining NZ for Marsden Point
Fuel supply at NZ airport hit by damaged pipeline
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