Heathrow Airport

John Holland-Kaye, chief executive, said the airport would start investing significantly in the detailed master plan for the new runway ©Heathrow
Heathrow to sign contracts worth £150m over coming year
Heathrow embeds sustainability in all contracts
Rival Heathrow proposal could save £6.7bn
An artist’s impression of how the M25 underpass might look. IAG said shortening the runway 300m would make it unnecessary ©Heathrow
Shortened third Heathrow runway could save £3bn
The third runway is Heathrow is expected to be ready in 2025 © Press Association Images
Heathrow decision launches £16bn spend
Ian Ballentine said go into partnership with suppliers wholeheartedly
Supplier collaboration saves Heathrow millions
How to win a seat on the board
An artist’s impression showing how the third runway, on the left, would look ©your.heathrow.com
Suppliers and procurement work on 'sprint start' for Heathrow expansion
Heathrow to launch cargo-sharing web portal
Ian Ballentine, procurement director, Heathrow Airport © Simon Stannard
Heathrow planning for 'new supply chain environment' should third runway get green light