Space Travel

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“We are the cornerstone of the business, translating ultimate goals into reality”
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The unfolded sail covers an area equal to around eight MacBook Air laptop computers. © Spacety Aerospace Co
China tests its first solar sail spacecraft
Tyvak manufactures satellites for weather data collection and imaging. © Jose Luis Stephens / EyeEm
Space vehicles factory to be built in South Australia
The world is experiencing its third major helium shortage since 2006  ©Getty Images
Global focus on… helium
A concept drawing of the Gateway spaceship where supplies will be sent to. © NASA
NASA aims to build 'deep space supply chain'
Deal signed to 'develop space innovators'
Known as an Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU), the suit had to protect the astronauts from the Moon’s extreme climate ©NASA/Getty Images
Supply audit: Apollo 11 spacesuit