Become a Procurement Excellence Programme Assessor

Process for licensing and re-licensing of Procurement Excellence Programme assessors


    Procurement Excellence Programme assessors are recruited by CIPS to carry out assessments against both the Procurement Excellence Standard award and Advanced award criteria. 

    The full Job Description for the role can be viewed here

    All assessments are allocated based on experience, geographical location and availability. CIPS cannot guarantee that assessors will have a set amount of opportunities, but will endeavour to share the workload, wherever possible.

    CIPS does not make any guarantee or commitment to the volume of work following completion of the process.

    What's the process?

    1. In the first instance, all potential new assessors or organisations wishing to be licensed as a Procurement Excellence Programme assessment centre should complete a Supplier Application Form and a Delivery Partner Application Form.

    2. The forms should be submitted to the Head of Procurement Excellence Programme at CIPS.  

    3. If your initial application is accepted, you will be invited to complete a competency assessment, a telephone interview and finally a training session. If successful in these stages, you will be asked to shadow two live projects before approval is given. 

    4. All assessors will be required to sign a contract committing themselves to agreed Service Levels and general conditions including those relating to ethical code, confidentiality, impartiality and independence from commercial and other interests. Details of fees and payment terms are contained within the agreements. Fees are paid as standard for all assessors depending on the activity being carried out.

    Assessor requirements

    1. Assessors shall be competent for the functions they perform as evidenced by biographies and supporting CV’s

    2. Each of the assessors shall complete a competency matrix which is held in the assessors database managed by the Procurement Excellence Programme Client Co-ordinator

    3. The experience in various business sectors of all external assessors shall be kept and used as part of the appointment of assessors to undertake work.

    4. Work will be allocated by the Procurement Excellence Programme Client Co-ordinator or by nominated representative in CIPS offices.

    5. All assessors must undergo the mandatory one day training on Procurement Excellence Programme and use of the on-line system. This will be carried out by the Head of Procurement Excellence Programme and can be a face-to-face or virtual training activity.

    6. New assessors are required to undertake at a minimum one observed Procurement Excellence Programme assessment prior to receiving a licence to assess. Observation will be by the Head of Procurement Excellence Programme or nominated experienced assessor (typically, an assessor who has carried out over 10 assessments).

    7. Each of the assessors are formally licensed by CIPS Head of Procurement Excellence Programme to undertake assessments following the basic training. Only fully licenced assessors are able to carry out assessments.

    8. Licences will be issued initially for a year with an option to extend to three years after which a re-assessment will be required.

    9. Any conflicts of interest that may arise from time to time shall be immediately informed to the Head of Procurement Excellence Programme or representative and will require the assessor to notify CIPS as soon as the conflict or potential conflict becomes known

    10. Each new assessor will be provided with a delivery pack which includes:

      i.      Copies of both Procurement Excellence Programme Standard and Advanced Standard 
      ii.      Case Study Questionnaire
      iii.     Client letters
      iv.     Delivery Procedures
      v.      Advanced Standard Workbook
      vi.     Advanced Standard Profile
      vii.     STS Scoping documents
      viii.    Guidance notes for Confirmation step of Advanced Standard
      ix.     Perception Surveys
      x.      Certification Presentation
      xi.     Online System Procedures

    11. All assessors will be required to attend two training events per year. Fees will not be paid for these events, but we will cover reasonable expenses based on the agreed rates within the assessor agreement.
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