Introducing your new Membership Committee

Dear Member 

Following my update to you last month about our plans to increase the voice of members on our Global Board of Trustees, I’d like to share with you - as part of these plans - the news that your new Membership Committee has now been formed.  I’d also like to take the opportunity to re-share why we have formed this new committee, specifically how it will benefit you as a CIPS member, and to introduce you to the CIPS members who will form the inaugural Membership Committee. 


An extensive Volunteer Review was commissioned by the CIPS Global Board of Trustees last year.  The Review was conducted with two objectives in mind: 

  1. To ensure the voice of members is represented more strongly on our Global Board of Trustees and is actioned, as appropriate, by the CIPS Executive
  2. To ensure optimum alignment between the volunteer community and the delivery of the CIPS strategy 

The Volunteer Review involved a consultation with CIPS’ 650 volunteers worldwide.  In relation to the first objective, ‘member voice’, the consultation identified that the way in which the views of members are represented to the Global Board of Trustees and to the CIPS Executive, could be enhanced.  

The responsibility for representing members views and for many other activities fell to CIPS’ elected Congress.  It became very clear from the volunteer consultation, which of course included Congress members, that despite best endeavours, Congress simply had too much to do.  There were too many roles for a relatively small group of volunteers to perform and it was unrealistic for Congress to represent the entirety of membership.

It also became clear that members want to communicate directly with the Executive and Global Board of Trustees, rather than through an intermediary body translating their feedback.  Therefore, responsibility and accountability for capturing member feedback should be an activity of the Executive.  

The oversight of this activity does, of course, require externality – to ensure the Board is receiving feedback from a diverse range of members and that the Executive is actioning that feedback.  This is why the Membership Committee has been instituted and will be a sub-committee of the Board – not to represent members but to be representative of CIPS’ global membership.  It is also why ‘member voice’ will be a standing agenda item at Global Board of Trustee meetings, with the Chair of the Membership Committee sharing the past quarter’s membership feedback, the Board responding, the Executive acting, and feeding back to members.

What’s in it for me as a member of CIPS?

The Membership Committee, as a sub-committee of GBT, will allow us to 'listen’ to you much more effectively. The benefits of hearing the voice of members, as directly as possible, are vast in terms of setting the direction of CIPS, ensuring CIPS has members at its heart and is delivering on its commitments. The Membership Committee will create a more agile and responsive mechanism – right across the globe, with equal representation of all major geographies in which CIPS operates today.

How will we do this? 

We will utilise a wider range of channels to ensure we capture as wide a breadth and depth of feedback as possible – some of these channels are existing and some new, including: 

  • Directly from members through our new email address
  • Member experience and satisfaction surveys
  • Feedback through regional volunteer (branch) communities, the Fellows’ community, and CIPS’ International Offices and General Managers
  • Inputs from the new global Volunteer Engagement Group
  • Stand up / down advisory groups
  • Feedback in relation to member experience via our new fully inhouse Customer Service function
  • Conferences, CIPS events, social media
  • Insight from digital community platform discussions (when implemented)

We will collate the feedback from all of these channels and provide a report to the Membership Committee ahead of their quarterly meetings which will be scheduled to take place a couple of weeks before Global Board of Trustee meetings.  The Chair of the Membership Committee, a Trustee, will then present the feedback and proposed actions to the Global Board of Trustees and we will communicate back to members accordingly. 

The Membership Committee selection process 

All volunteers are welcome to apply to fill vacancies on the CIPS Membership Committee when they arise - the term is usually 3 years.  There is a selection process against a clearly specified role profile and vacancies will be advertised to all volunteers.  The selection process is led by the CIPS Nominations Committee, with candidates required to submit their CV, two letters of recommendation from CIPS members and a statement of suitability outlining their interest, commitment, and relevant experience.  The Nominations Committee will assess the candidates and interview those that best meet the selection criteria.  Click here for more information on the role and the selection process.

Your new Membership Committee 

For 2022, we have been busy appointing the members of the Committee from our existing volunteer community and I’m pleased to report these are mainly from former elected members of Congress who meet the new role profile and who wish to be a part of this new Committee. This continuity of existing and passionate volunteers is important. And I would like to introduce the Committee members to you. 


The Membership Committee is currently working with CIPS’ membership team to develop the reporting mechanisms.  They will have their formal inaugural meeting on 13 January 2022, following which we will keep you regularly updated with progress. 

In the meantime, if you would like to share your views on this or any aspect of your CIPS membership, please do get in touch by emailing

We look forward to hearing your views.

Warm regards 

Malcolm Harrison 

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