July 2021 Member Newsletter

Over the course of 2021 we undertook a significant review of our global volunteering strategy. The Review had two main objectives: 

  1. To ensure optimum alignment between the volunteer community and the delivery of the CIPS strategy
  2. To ensure the voice of members is represented more strongly on our Global Board of Trustees and is actioned, as appropriate, by the CIPS Executive. 

These are critical elements to support the continued success of CIPS and its ability to continue to support its members and the wider profession.  

A new Membership Committee

Over the coming months we will establish a new Membership Committee to become a formal part of our governance structure as a sub-committee of the Global Board of Trustees.  The new Membership Committee will ensure: 

  • Members’ views are heard by the Global Board of Trustees and addressed by the Executive.
  • CIPS executive feedback mechanisms are working and fit for purpose. 

We will continue to use a variety of ways to capture members’ views including through the future introduction of a new digital community platform.  The Membership Committee will be directly responsible for ensuring the Executive is acting upon the feedback. The current CIPS Congress will be disbanded on 31 October 2021.

A new Volunteer Engagement Group

Volunteers are vital to CIPS and do amazing work to support the achievement of its goals and objectives.  This group will be established to further harness the support of volunteers whilst ensuring a greater alignment of volunteering activities with the CIPS strategy. 

New Global Advocacy

We will also be creating new global advocacy related roles within our volunteer community, ensuring we extend our reach and message as wide as possible across the procurement and supply profession.  Therefore, we will formally remove the CIPS President role.  We strongly believe advocacy of the profession and ambassadorial activities should extend across a variety of roles, including volunteers, the Chair of Global Board of Trustees, Chair of the Membership Committee, and CIPS CEO rather than have it resting with one individual. CIPS is now a global membership organisation and the ambassadorial roles are far more varied, both geographically and culturally, than they historically were so we need multiple ambassadors and advocates in line with our global footprint.

Why are we doing this now?

We don’t want to stand still; we must keep challenging ourselves to continuously improve.  We recognise the structure we currently have for member feedback needs to evolve, be broader and more agile to reflect today’s professional environment.  This will really help elevate the voice of our members.

We’ve made great strides in improving how we work with our volunteers over recent years, and we really want to keep that momentum going, continuing to drive the significant benefits for all.  We want to recognise the importance of the work our volunteers do, to not only learn from it but also to celebrate it!

Following a really comprehensive Volunteer Review we are excited to be bringing about these changes.  Instantly we can see a much more effective environment for linking the voice of our membership, the volunteer community, the Global Board of Trustees and the overarching CIPS strategy together.

Volunteers make a vital contribution to CIPS and to the procurement and supply profession. The entire team at CIPS is grateful for the continued support of our volunteers and to those past volunteers, including our past Presidents, for the invaluable impact they have made. Our gratitude extends to current Congress members who will step down from their roles on 31 October 2021, ahead of the new Membership Committee being established. Thanks to all Congress members, past and present, for their commitment to CIPS and passion for the profession.



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