Modernising CIPS Governance

Dear Member 

I wanted to personally let you know about some exciting new developments we are making in how CIPS is run and more importantly that we want you on the journey with us. 

Back in July we informed you of some changes we are making to how the Governance of CIPS is managed. We appreciate that you may not have seen this communication so now that we have officially disbanded CIPS Congress (October 31) it is time to share with you further information about the changes we are making and the benefits to you as a CIPS Member, as well as what happens next.  There was insufficient prominence to our July communication on such an important matter, but I am committed to open and transparent communication with you as a CIPS member and we will use all our channels to achieve this. 

The extensive consultation with volunteers that took place early in 2021 highlighted that we needed to get a stronger membership voice heard by our Global Board of Trustees (GBT). It also highlighted improvements we needed to make in our engagement with volunteers. To deliver on these we have established two new bodies – the CIPS Membership Committee and the Volunteer Engagement Group. 

The CIPS Membership Committee

The Membership Committee, which is a sub-committee of GBT, will allow us to 'listen’ to you much more effectively. The benefits of hearing the voice of members, as directly as possible, are vast both in terms of setting the direction of CIPS as well as ensuring CIPS is delivering on its commitments. The Membership Committee will create a more agile and responsive mechanism – right across the globe, with equal representation of all major geographies in which CIPS operates today.

For years we have run elections to appoint members to CIPS Congress and Council before that.  But engagement was really low – with less than 10% of members exercising their right to vote.  Now we want to have a group who can actively step forward from all geographies and all walks of the profession and have a real impact on connecting the voice of the member with the CIPS GBT – all coming together to achieve the CIPS overarching strategy. 

All volunteers are welcome to apply to fill vacancies on the CIPS Membership Committee when they arise. There will be a selection process against a clearly specified role profile and vacancies will be advertised to all volunteers. For 2022, we have been busy appointing the members of the Committee from our existing volunteer community and I’m pleased to report these are mainly from former elected members of Congress who meet the new role profile and who wish to be a part of this new Committee. This continuity of existing and passionate volunteers is important.  They will have their inaugural meeting in January – following which we will keep you regularly updated with progress. 

The Volunteer Engagement Group

As a part of this bold step forward we want to place a much brighter spotlight on the work of volunteers.  Our new Volunteer Engagement Group has been set up to achieve just this.  Any CIPS member can step into the world of volunteering and in turn help align volunteering to the CIPS strategy. This new Group is not a part of our governance mechanism which gives us greater flexibility and agility to work with different groups of volunteers, on different topics and for different periods of engagement. This brings huge benefits in terms of how we support members, through our volunteers with their amazing commitment and experience.

When we enshrine into our bye-laws changes such as this, we will always bring them to an AGM for Members to vote on – this is planned to take place in the Summer of 2022 (date tbc).

We will continue to communicate with you about progress and if you would like more detail, please see the FAQ section below. We want to hear from you on these changes and so we have set up a dedicated email address The more CIPS members we hear from, at all stages of your careers, from all sectors you work in and from right across the world, then the more confident we can be that we are truly hearing the collective views of all CIPS members about what you want from your professional body.

Every organisation needs to modernise and move with the times. This is never easy and the CIPS GBT feels strongly that now is the time for CIPS to move to a more progressive and modern form of governance to meet the future needs of our members. This is what we are embarking on. We are excited. We look forward to hearing your views.  

Warm regards 

Malcolm Harrison 


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