Procurement is the game changer for Africa’s Economic Developmental efforts CIPS Africa- Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)

CIPS 17 April 2014

CIPS Africa- Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)


Relatively rapid growth rates recently achieved by many African countries have raised hopes that the continent is finally on a path to sustainable economic growth and development. The region’s population according to HBR is projected to grow to 2 billion by 2050. Of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world, six are in Africa and they are rich in natural resources. 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land is also in Africa.

“Procurement practices and the continents long term economic growth and development are inextricably linked” says Professor Boateng. It is for this reason CIPS Africa has embarked on a journey to professionalize the procurement and supply function with the view to having at least 50 000 value adding CIPS members across Africa within 5 years. “The move is line with the professional body’s strategic intent where a community of more than 1 00 000 practitioners are calling for the licencing of the profession”, commented Andre Coetzee, Managing Director of CIPS Africa.

To achieve this goal the CIPS Africa Strategic Advisory Board has been formed and will continue to comment on relevant supply chain issues and actively engage senior officials in both the public and private sectors on matters of organizational, national and regional wide interest.

“This influential  group  will act as a cohesive voice for the profession at executive and board rooms levels with particular reference to private sector organizations, national governments, key oversight bodies, the African Union, the African  Development Bank and the Pan African Parliament to name a few”,  David Noble CIPS Group CEO said .

Current members of the CIPS Africa Strategic Advisory Board include:

Professor Douglas Boateng   
President and Chief Executive Officer, PanAvest Partnership
& Strategic Advisory Board – Chairperson

Babs Omotowa                      
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas

Dr. Bola Afolabi                    
General Manager, Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.                  

David Kiyingi Nyimbwa       
Assistant Commissioner Procurement, Uganda Ministry of Finance 

Dr Tett Walters                      
Director and Lead of Procurement, Civil Service Ghana.

Hagen Helm                           
Chief Executive Officer Industrial Holdings, Paramount Group

David Noble                          
Group Chief Executive Officer, CIPS

Duncan Brock                        
Group Director, CIPS

André Coetzee                                   
Managing Director, CIPS Africa

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