CIPS members to gain valuable access to solar industry insights and expertise

CIPS 23 February 2016

The relevance of this partnership stems from solar energy’s emergence as a mainstream energy source.

From today, members of The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply around the globe will have access to even more knowledge and insights into the energy sector through a partnership with First Solar, Inc. a global leader in photovoltaic (PV) solar energy solutions.

Following a series of successful partnerships in various sectors, this is the first with a leading player in the solar energy industry. The relevance of this partnership stems from solar energy’s emergence as a mainstream energy source, capable of complementing – and even competing with - conventional power generation. In fact, the global solar industry is forecast to be valued at approximately $137 Billion by 2020.

As corporations around the world tap into the potential of clean energy to power their businesses, and as countries start to make progress on their commitments at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference (COP21), procurement professionals will play an important role in driving forward this transition to clean energy.

First Solar will share insights into the sector that range from analysis of the economics of solar to best practices in procuring energy and solar energy assets.  In the first of several pieces of knowledge, Solar Energy: The Economic Revolution discusses the evolution of solar from a small, highly-subsidised programmes reliant on government support to increasingly capturing a larger share of the total power generation market on the strength of economic viability.

Other insights to be released throughout the year include: 

  • Module selection based on energy yields
  • Market reports from regions around the world
  • Guidance on Balance of Systems, Bankability and technical standards
  • Case studies on procuring for large utility-scale projects and C&I applications
  • Solar for Commercial and Industrial applications

David Noble, CIPS Global CEO said of the partnership: “Energy, how it’s sourced, bought, transported and used, touches everyone’s lives. Procurement professionals in every sector and every region should understand the broader issues relating to energy. What were once seen as niche renewable sources of energy, are fast becoming viable, commercially-available solutions, accessible to all kinds of businesses and our professionals should have the latest insights to hand.

“With its expertise across the solar value chain, First Solar has a track record of being a global leader in this field and we’re pleased to be working together to be able to offer some of its unique knowledge to all our members,” Noble added.

“This partnership is a recognition of the important role that procurement professionals will play in driving the energy transition forward,” said Tim Rebhorn, First Solar’s Executive Vice President for Global Strategic Marketing. “As solar energy emerges as the fastest growing source of electricity, it will be important for those in procurement to keep pace with the rapid changes that define the future of the global power generation portfolio. And having access to the right knowledge and expertise will be a critical step in that direction.”

“First Solar places knowledge at the heart of everything we do and we’re privileged to be a position to share over 10 gigawatts of global experience with CIPS members around the world,” Rebhorn said.

The partnership will also offer members the opportunity to attend targeted events organized around the world, webinars and access to a library of technical documentation. CIPS members will also have access to First Solar’s proprietary energy capacity assessment tool, which allows users to evaluate the energy yield of planned projects.


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