CIPS President's progress

CIPS 27 May 2014

Gain some insight into our president's commitment to the profession and how he feels our profession is developing

I’m half way through my presidential year and I’ve received so many e-mails and posts to my LinkedIn page of amazing stories of your ‘one good thing’ – thank you, but I’ve been far from overwhelmed considering our 106,000 CIPS community. I am sure there are even more ‘one good things’ being done but I’m just not getting to hear about them so please don’t forget to let me know.

If you are struggling for ideas then we’ve also made that easy for you, in fact our close colleague Jim Maguire has come up with 10 suggestions for you to choose from, as his ‘one good thing’ for you! Visit our LinkedIn group to find out more. 

So let me remind you how it works. The one good thing should be for someone NOT in your own country and should be for the recipient’s benefit as well as the profession.  The one thing in return is for the recipient to do something good in their own country. CIPS has a community of 106,000 so the ripple effect could be seismic and could result in new members and partners, so your acts are not necessarily confined to the profession alone.

And, it could be anything. Something you’ve learned, passing on a good contact, offering advice and encouragement, and of course, it could help you too. Log it as CPD and spend a few hours in the year dedicating your time to someone else’s benefit and make yourself feel good too.

And I include myself in this challenge. I will be attending 40 events in 52 weeks, meeting and greeting 4,000 CIPS members because I want this to be an impactful year. I wanted to be a visible president and CIPS believes this is how we create the most momentum in our progress, and I agree. At the end of my tenure in October, I hope to hear at least one member say: “Having an active president really matters and if that’s what CIPS presidents do, where do I sign up to do my bit?”.

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