CIPS Top 100 Best Companies Success

CIPS 5 February 2015

CIPS celebrates being listed one of the Top 100 Best Companies to work for in the Not for Profit Sector.

The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) has been voted one of the Top 100 Best companies to work for, in the Not for Profit Sector, as a result of a survey that CIPS employees took part in back in October 2014. 

Based in Easton on the Hill, near Stamford, CIPS is the world’s largest procurement and supply professional organisation. CIPS employs 140 staff globally, with 110 employees based at CIPS Head Office, Easton House. Other office locations include Australia, Dubai, South Africa, Singapore and Turkey.

The Best Companies Guide offers a unique insight into the UK's top employers including blue chip corporations, independent companies, the public sector and charities.Each organisation that requests to take part in the survey is given a Best Companies Index (BCI) score from 1 to 1000, based on employees' answers to a confidential survey which measures employees’ levels of fulfilment, motivation and engagement. This score is further refined to one-, two- or three-Star Status. It’s based on the same methods which produce the well-known Sunday Times list of 100 Best Companies to work for.  

Last year CIPS narrowly missed out on star accreditation, meaning that CIPS made it on to the list of ‘Ones to Watch ’, which equates to a ‘good’ rating.

This year CIPS have been awarded ‘One Star’ – which is considered a rating of ‘Very Good’. Employees have rated CIPS as a very good place to work; a vast improvement on last year, and highlights that CIPS are undoubtedly making steps in the right direction towards improving culture, motivation and passion. Alongside this accolade, CIPS has also made it onto the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to work for in the Not for Profit Sector.

David Noble, CIPS Group CEO said: “This is an outstanding achievement for everyone involved at CIPS and a great improvement on last year’s results. This year’s one star accreditation shows that CIPS is moving in a positive direction. Although we understand that this is a UK award, it’s important to highlight that CIPS is a global company with employees in various international offices. Working across time zones and different cultures are just some of the challenging aspects that make CIPS the organisation it is today; this award is not only for our employees in the UK but also for those overseas.”

“We are proud of the growth CIPS has seen over recent years after moving to Easton on the Hill in the mid 80’s with just 30 staff.  With members based in over 150 countries around the world, our Head Office and location has become part of our brand and culture.  We are proud of our local community and thoroughly enjoy being one of the key employees for Stamford and surrounding areas.”

Although the surprise announcement was made to all employees at Easton House in  January, where CIPS officially sits in the Top 100  will be announced towards the end of February at the ‘Not for Profit Sector’ awards dinner in Battersea.

Best Companies works in collaboration with Comic Relief, therefore CIPS is taking part in their #CEOselfie and #Teamselfie campaigns. The selfie taken by David Noble, CIPS Group CEO, at the announcement, sporting his red nose has already been uploaded to social media site Twitter. Every department at CIPS, in both the UK and global offices, are being encouraged to take a team selfie which will then be uploaded to Twitter and can be accessed via the corresponding hashtag.

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