CIPS UK responds to draft Modern Slavery Bill

CIPS 9 April 2014

Following work in ethics and transparency in supply chains, CIPS supports eradiation of modern day slavery

The UK Government is introducing legislation to make prosecution for enforced slavery and trafficking of human beings more easily enforceable by law, increasing the maximum term for those convicted to life imprisonment and helping whistleblowers to report suspected wrongdoing.

CIPS welcomes the draft report and hope it represents the first step to eradicating modern day slavery in supply chains. For too long transparency in supply chains has been overlooked by business, government and investors leading to wide scale abuse exposing our society and economy to major risks. This bill and subsequent report represents a much needed step to ensure this abuse comes to an end.

Modern Slavery in Supply ChainsWe agree that legislation on supply chains does not have to be burdensome for reputable businesses to implement. It will be critical that the Government ensures legislation does not add unnecessary reams of red tape. This will require further consultation with business and we’re pleased to see major businesses showing support for appropriate legislative measures. 

We support the report's recommendation that quoted companies be required to reference modern slavery in their annual strategic reports. We are particularly pleased that companies will need to explain how they have trained staff. In our experience, this is the most critical area in ensuring supply chains are free from abuse. 

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