Global Standard for procurement and supply is now available as an interactive tool

CIPS 2 October 2014

Global Standard, free and available to all

The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) is now offering an interactive version of the Global Standard for Procurement and Supply Management professionals launched earlier this year. This comprehensive competency framework enhances organisational and individual performance and offers a benchmark for all levels in the profession and all sectors.  

Based on extensive research with around 5000 procurement and supply professionals the interactive tool allows users to find details of the knowledge and capability levels required at each level of competency from tactical to advanced.

The Global Standard interactive tool is being demonstrated at the CIPS UK conference on 2 October 2014 at Bishopsgate, London by Kevin Hickman, CIPS Head of Education Development and Standards.

Jane Hutt, Minister in the Welsh Assembly commented, “In Wales we have been developing a competency framework to help public purchasers to identify the skills they need to do their jobs better and the ones they need for future roles.

“The introduction of the CIPS Global standard is therefore very timely and enables us to link much of our work to standards set internationally by the professional body for procurement staff.”

The Standard can help business and organisations of all types produce a detailed analysis of what needs to be included in their procurement plan and by benchmarking their procurement professionals against the competencies, identify any skills gaps.

In terms of personal performance, the Standard can help professionals identify the level they’re operating at and listing the skills and abilities needed to progress.

The standard is available at:


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The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply

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