Government Commercial Function (GCF) expects all government CIPS Members to upgrade to Chartered Status

CIPS 6 February 2019

This GCF initiative is aimed at developing the commercial and procurement capability in order to drive forward best practice across government.  

The Government Commercial Function (GCF) has issued new guidance to its employees who are Members and Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) across government. The guidance states that the GCF expects them to upgrade their CIPS membership and become a Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional.

This GCF initiative is aimed at developing the commercial and procurement capability in order to drive forward best practice across government.  This move is vitally important to both government and the profession as it seeks to operate to the highest possible standards.  The GCF’s announcement underpins the commitment of the two organisations, to drive highest standards of professionalism in the public sector, a significant strand of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the two organisations in 2017.

To gain Chartered Status, CIPS members working in the GCF have to undertake ethical training resulting in the successful completion of the CIPS ethics test and commit to undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure that they remain up to date and can demonstrate their commercial capability.

CPD can include activities such as coaching or mentoring individuals, skills training, taking qualifications, attending events or other professional learning activities.

The benefit of this initiative includes:

-          Commercial procurement professionals being developed and achieving formal recognition as highly capable and professional

-          Offers a clear demonstration and  commitment to career development and progression within GCF

-          Allows for sharing of best practice knowledge and understanding of ethical standards and behaviour in all aspects of commercial and procurementactivity.

Marco Salzedo, Director of Commercial & Contract Management Capability, Government Commercial Function, Cabinet Office, said: "The vision for the Government Commercial Function (GCF) is to be the best commercial team in the UK. For our staff who achieve either MCIPS or FCIPS status it is important for them to also gain the recognition, accreditation and acknowledgement on a par with other recognised Chartered professionals.

"We are committed to offering high-quality personal and continuing professional development, and Chartered Status ensures that professionals are continually investing in their careers, skills and the team's functional capability.  As part of our commitment to the government's recent work on outsourcing, the Government Commercial Function also supports the requirement to take the CIPS ethics test as part of gaining Chartered Status."

Malcolm Harrison, Group CEO, CIPS said, “We’re delighted to be working with GCF on such an important programme of improvement and to continue to raise the profile and value of the procurement profession and its commercial capability. CPD and ethics are vital components for any Commercial Professional who wants to stay up-to-date and demonstrate they’re at the top of their game.

“CIPS refreshed the online CPD programme to drive the procurement profession forward, equipping Members and Fellows of the Institute with a more structured pathway to career development. Our range of activities and the ethics test support the needs of the strategic vision of the organisations our Members work for and make individuals the most sought-after in procurement whilst enhancing their capability. We welcome more professionals to become Chartered to increase their own confidence but also spread the word about the need and value of ethical and sustainable procurement.”

For more about CIPS Chartered Status and CPD, log on to the CIPS website.


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The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

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Government Commercial Function

Measures announced in recent months on outsourcing, to promote a healthy and diverse marketplace of government contracts, include:

o          Requiring companies to demonstrate prompt payment to their suppliers, and failure to do so could ban them from winning government contracts;

o          Requiring key suppliers to develop ‘living wills’ which will allow contingency plans to be rapidly put into place if needed;

o          Piloting complex projects with suppliers before deciding to use the private sector;

o          Requiring suppliers to advertise subcontracting opportunities on the Contracts Finder website;

o          Increased transparency for major contracts by publishing key performance indicators;

o          Enhanced measures to protect suppliers from cyber attacks.

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