Government promotes “better choices, better deals” for consumers

CIPS 14 April 2011

Government initiative encourages customers to take control in their business relationships.

A new initiative supported by the government will encourage customers to have more power in their relationships with businesses.

The initiative, called “better choices; better deals” will harness the “power of the crowd” and reward the most competitive and innovative businesses. The project will give consumers better information regarding what data companies hold about them though ideas such as transparent information meaning clearer energy bills and watermarks for quality on price comparison websites, also access to complaints data which makes it easier for a customer to make informed decisions.

Another part of the project includes the mydata scheme collaboration between the government and private organisations in the financial sector which gives customers the ability to make better, more informed decisions which means access to their mobile phone data usage so they can sign up to a more suitable contract.

How will this affect the procurement profession? Add your thoughts to our discussion board.

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